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Kumara parvata-----Earth's heaven....

Kumara Parvatha is a mountain located in Subramanya (village) of Sullia taluka, Karnataka. The village is known for the Hindu Kukke Subramanya Temple. In spite of being a small village, it is a well-known shrine, and draws large number of devotees throughout the year. The peak is at a height of about 1712m, and is about 13 km from the temple. This mountain is on the border between Dakshina Kannada and Kodagu districts, so the lights of Somwarpet town in Kodagu can be seen from the peak.

Difficulty level : Moderate/High
Two trails
1). From Beedahalli Post near somwarpet
Total KM to peak-7KM
Peak-Bhattar mane-5KM
Bhattar Mane-Kukke-8KM

2). From Kukke
Total KM to Peak-13KM
Peak Back to Bhattar Mane-5KM
Bhattara Mane-kukke-8KM

Best Time : SEP-JAN/FEB( don not Attempt this trek in Extream Conditions)

Note : Hire a local Guide if your trekking This Beauty for the first time  and trek with forest permissions.

Planning :

Our planning begin with net blogs n wikis which helped us to give some idea of wat this trek is all abt......most of us dint have any idea of wat actually we are tryin to trek, one of the tallest south peak and that too in the month of july(rain was at its peak), we hired a qualis for 7 of us from bangalore and reached somwarpet early 5am in the morning(there r 2ways, one from kukke(13km to peak) n one more frm somwarpet(7km to peak), we chose somwarpet as we wanted to explore both ends and i had a powerfull 2 hr nap as i was totally awake accompaning driver whole night, than we refreashed ourselves, had BF and packed some dry eatable stuffs so tat we can wipe our hunger on the way as u wont find anything to eat/water while trekking KP, we left in our vehicle till beedahalli post(which took approx 30min from somwarpet) and than we headed towards the checkpost, but unfortunately no one was avail in the CP, and we had to waste our time waiting for them, 45 mins passed, it was already 10:45AM and it was hard for us to wait there anymore, so we decided to trek without any intimation(which was very risky as no one knew the way to peak n back to Bhattara mane n if we were lost no one wld come to save us), but still took a risk n started our trek in the dense forest, we were not prepared for anything, so had to face the leech bites, thousands of leech on our way , totally drenched forest, all were tired of cleaning leeches on our shoes, and we need to literally run to escape from leech bites as if we walk or stand 100s of leeches wld attack on our shoes, no rest for 3.5KM, we were literally running to avoid leeches, than we found one rock where we found some sun n leech free......we had some dry foods n water n took a rest for 10min, we saw clock, it was 12:30 n heart started to beat faster as we have to trek 3.5km more to the peak n 5 more KM to Bhattara mane down with this leech challenge ahead, so we left n than was the greatest challange, we almost took a back wen we saw tat we have to climb one 45deg rock which was almost 10-20m, n tat too with water flowin on it, somehow we managed climbing it, aha here was another 45deg rock bigger than the 1st one, we challenged it as well, there was one more to go.......we completed all 3, than we took some rest, we never got much exhusted as there was clouds touchin us, we were all feeling heaven with all clouds covering us, its where we found another group of 6ppl and believe me guys we had our lives back as there was no indication anywhere hw to reach bhattara mane, we went to peak, and rejoiced the moment and left with other pals to bhattara mane, and shocked to see the big rock way back with full water flowin on it, one wrong step n literally we wld reach real heaven :D:D, this was the baap of all rocks, finally we crossed it.......than was the most amazin scene, to teh right a jungle n to the left a deep way to patala(netherworld).....there was no leech for another 1.5km, than for 2km we got ample amount of leech....after crossing the leech county, we took some rest n departed, there started our massive fog journey, we are not able to see the person 4m away frm us, and there was our worse time cumin as the guys who knew the route very well n were very fast disappeared ...n we were all lost in tat fog were we couldnt even locate which side of hill we are n hw to get down, but we jus followed one route, n now wat we were thinkin of entire trek was rain, it was rains time, aha aha wat intensity she had, totally pushing us with her heavy strokes n making our ways much diff......but we managed to follow one route challengin rain, we are steppin down n down but not able to find anything n we all were praying to god to save us, yes literally all of us, as the sun was ready to set anytime, no tents, no safe gaurds, no food.....we thought all were nearing our lives end, but gods grace we found two big chairs/view point at the farest end, than our life strated to breath again, but still not sure if we had reached bhattara mane, but felt gud tat some human art is around....n finally we found bhattara mane, all cloths were wet as our water proof bags couldnt withstand tat heavy rain, we all wer in jus shorts in tat freexzin temp....oh god but atleast relieved tat we found shelter :D:D, food was tasting too awesome as all wer dam hungry, had food n to surprise only a taadpal below us n no bed sheets as well, but all slept well, next morn we had BF in Bhattara mane n left to our way to subbramanya.....again found leeches but not as massive as tat beedahalli jungle, finally reached subramanya n took n deep breath n everyone was havin a satisfavtion tat we had the greatest trek of lifetime.....believe me guys it was really the best, teh nature, the wind, the rain, the mist/fog, clouds, eye catchin scene, wow one shld trek KP to really see wat have we still left with n believe we have the best nature all around....again planning to trek the beauty in oct.....

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