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Another Western Exquisite-Thadiyandamol.

Hello All,

I am taking you ppl to Exotic Adventure in the western Ghats, The Amazing Trek to Thadiyandamol followed by Kayaking, Dinging and swimming in Kaveri Backwaters(Chikli Dam).

Facts Ab the trek :
Trek Distance : 14KM(Ascend & Descend).
Level : Easy/Moderate.
Route : Bangalore-Mysore-Hunsur-Virajpet-Brahmagiri Base Camp.

Oh how hard it was to stay in Bangalore this summer, 2013 Summer was horrible, we have seen 38degC for the first time, Namma Bengaluru was so much clean and cool,  increasing Population, vehicles had Ruined This Beauty, so i desperately wanted to feel the nature and its charm, so After Researching lot, i Found this Place Thadiyandamol, Believe me this is the only peak where we can see fog even in peak Summer, so I zeroed my plan on this and Decided to Organize this trek followed by Water Activities on the second day in Kaveri Back Water, I posted my Plan on meetup where i hav organized 2 treks in the sharavati's b4, I got my team in no time and we 13 Ppl fixed to make this adventure happen on May 04 2013, and asusal My Adventures are not the common ones, they are unique and exploratory.

We hired a TT and started our journey for Adventure, we departed by 10:00PM from bangalore taking the Mysore Highway, Our Journey included Intro as we all were strangers to each other, Fun Filled Antyakshari followed by Words of experiences each individual had were part of our journey, Reached Virajpet at 6 AM, ohhhh it was chilled down there, our Guide-Mr Ram was waiting for us to take us to the Base Camp, BC was around 30KM from there, we finally reached our BC by around 7AM, Tea and BF was arranged there and rooms to fresh ourselves as well, hmmmm Yummy and complete BF is wat we saw lying on the table, Idli's, wadas, Bisibelebath, god all were pretty much hungry, so we wasted no time and finished it in no time, we packed Some Chapattis and Cabbage Curry for our lunch and boarded in TT to reach the Trek Start Point, its not a usual trek trail we followed it was totally new, hardly ppl knew it, our Plan included a small waterfall trek and Trek to the peak, we reached Trek St point by 9:30Am, and started our trek, it was cool and we found lots of vegetation, which made our trek pleasent, oooohhhh wait there was a Rat Snake which jus passed our way, waaavvv it was pretty fast, we jus culd hav some glimpse of that Black Beauty, we reached WF and there was no Water so no falls,

we took few snaps and started trekking to peak, and here is wat we found on one Lady's Leg ''A LEECH'', can you believe it, Leech in Summer-Now you have got the idea ab the vegetation this Land has got, she had to get rid of 4 Leeches which made there way to her knees, further climbing we found Blueberries on our ways wow a fresh berry-Mind Blowing, we had few and started climbing further,

Yeah on the way we saw Guava trees, ummm there were as sweet as sugar, They are completely Forest Plants no one grew them that's the reason they were tasting so good, we moved forward and to our left we saw a water stream, the fresh, medicated water, nothing can make you so good as water can make tat too a water in the jungle,
we quenched our thirst and ascended, the vegetation was so high, tat the mountain was green rather than golden, which we see in all the mountain of western ghats, the grass turns to golden color in summer, now our path was totally covered with Fog,
we never felt exhausted although the mountain was steep, finally after trekking for 3 hours we made to the peak by 1:00 PM, the peak was pretty chilled fully covered with Fog,

we had our time for relaxation now, and it was time for our lunch as well,

we finished with it and started our descend by 2:30PM, since it was steep so we slipped quite lot of times, but no one had any sign of injuries,

we stopped again near the water source and quenched, our thirst and relaxed a bit, and started our descend, but on the way our guide stopped us for a rock climbing session, ooooooo tats new for me, it was a 15Ft single rock, and almost inclined, but few of us made it, and after our rock climbing session,

we started our descend and reached our BC by 5:00PM, we located a shop nearby and had few sips of ariated drinks which is not healthy though but we had no choice, only tat drink wld make us feel better, we got into our TT and started to travel towards our Camping place which was 70KM from the base camp, its the place near Dubare(Elephant Camp), but it was untouched by humans, we reached by around 8PM, and what we experienced was pretty much adventures, a Lonely House, Back waters, and thick Dark Jungle,

our high tea was ready, A energetic Herbal Hot Drink(Shunti Kashaya) and Hot Mirchi Bajjis, ummmmm man Amazing, we had them and The guides were cautioning us to be very carefull as there are lots of wild animals around this place, and he told us the Last week Experience of his where he found two tigers Roaring near the back waters, and how scary it was, we had our camp fires on, there the guide started scaring us more telling ab the behaviors of wild animals, Tigers, Elephants, Bear were part of teh story, oh look around-we saw fireflies all over the place wow amazing, this was a fantasy for many of us, after these wild stories ;-), time for our dinner, ahhhhhh this is y i love my ppl who help me organizing things in Jungle, the food in the jungle---ummmm so yummy, they prepared chapattis, curries, Veg Biriyani, Kheer, wow  thanks to you ppl who took so much pain in pleasuring us ;-), god we were dam hungry and ate like a beggar, ppl were sleepy already so there was a separate room for the lady's, and we gents had to sleep in the veranda's, the tents were arranged in both the places, few ppl dozed off, and me along with team of 6 ppl  usual started chatting as we don like to sleep in such outings, since we want to experience the inch of everything, topics went on changing from love marriage to arranged, life in metros, animals etc........, finally by around 2PM we went for sleep, around 6AM we all woke up as our bird watching sessions were planned by 7:00AM, we finished our routines and sipped our tea walking on the dam, wow my mornings were never so much amazing, we went for bird watch, luckily we saw few birds which we never saw in our lives, after that we had BF ready and yes it was Upma with curd, we finished it and geared to feel the beautiful Kaveri back Waters with our Kayak's and Dinghy's,
we stepped in respective Boats and started travelling towards the Dive Points which was nearly 10 Mins from the main Land,

we parked our Dinghy's and Kayak's, oh gosh what we found on this land was Foot Prints of wild Tuskar Elephants, which were pretty much fresh,

scary but our guide told that they are 15 days old and there is no threat as such, each one of us started getting into water with out life jackets on, chilled- fresh, wow i feel blessed,

but the Sharavati water was much Amazing compared to this, we can see bamboo forest all around the back waters, which is a sign of elephants existence, we had great time in waters, we spent almost 3 Hours relaxing in water which included swimming as well, there was a branch of tree dried one in bet the waters, each one of us took a dive from it and believe me it was tough as teh branch was so much slippery and weak but we made it :D,

all had fun with Kayak's and got back to the mainland, we relaxed a Bit, it was already 1:00PM, so we dried ourselves and our lunch was ready as well, oh myyyyyyy here we had another amazing treat, Pulao, curd rice, papads, pickles, sambar Rice, yummy isnt it, we quicklyu jumped on it and quenched our hunger, so time to leave this beautiful place, we got into our TT and headed towards Kushal Nagar to drop our Guides, they were so much helpful, we bid them goodbye and moved towards Golden temple/Bailukuppe(A Tibetan Temple), we spent some time in their and left to Bangalore, we reached Bangalore by 10:00PM and time for all of us to depart, and we all departed rejoicing our two days of adventure, which has given us a life time Journey of Adventure Continues.......................................:):):)

for more info, write to me

Yours Truly

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