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Another Western Exquisite-Thadiyandamol.

Hello All,

I am taking you ppl to Exotic Adventure in the western Ghats, The Amazing Trek to Thadiyandamol followed by Kayaking, Dinging and swimming in Kaveri Backwaters(Chikli Dam).

Facts Ab the trek :
Trek Distance : 14KM(Ascend & Descend).
Level : Easy/Moderate.
Route : Bangalore-Mysore-Hunsur-Virajpet-Brahmagiri Base Camp.

Oh how hard it was to stay in Bangalore this summer, 2013 Summer was horrible, we have seen 38degC for the first time, Namma Bengaluru was so much clean and cool,  increasing Population, vehicles had Ruined This Beauty, so i desperately wanted to feel the nature and its charm, so After Researching lot, i Found this Place Thadiyandamol, Believe me this is the only peak where we can see fog even in peak Summer, so I zeroed my plan on this and Decided to Organize this trek followed by Water Activities on the second day in Kaveri Back Water, I posted my Plan on meetup where i hav organized 2 treks in the sharavati's b4, I got my team in no time and we 13 Ppl fixed to make this adventure happen on May 04 2013, and asusal My Adventures are not the common ones, they are unique and exploratory.

We hired a TT and started our journey for Adventure, we departed by 10:00PM from bangalore taking the Mysore Highway, Our Journey included Intro as we all were strangers to each other, Fun Filled Antyakshari followed by Words of experiences each individual had were part of our journey, Reached Virajpet at 6 AM, ohhhh it was chilled down there, our Guide-Mr Ram was waiting for us to take us to the Base Camp, BC was around 30KM from there, we finally reached our BC by around 7AM, Tea and BF was arranged there and rooms to fresh ourselves as well, hmmmm Yummy and complete BF is wat we saw lying on the table, Idli's, wadas, Bisibelebath, god all were pretty much hungry, so we wasted no time and finished it in no time, we packed Some Chapattis and Cabbage Curry for our lunch and boarded in TT to reach the Trek Start Point, its not a usual trek trail we followed it was totally new, hardly ppl knew it, our Plan included a small waterfall trek and Trek to the peak, we reached Trek St point by 9:30Am, and started our trek, it was cool and we found lots of vegetation, which made our trek pleasent, oooohhhh wait there was a Rat Snake which jus passed our way, waaavvv it was pretty fast, we jus culd hav some glimpse of that Black Beauty, we reached WF and there was no Water so no falls,

we took few snaps and started trekking to peak, and here is wat we found on one Lady's Leg ''A LEECH'', can you believe it, Leech in Summer-Now you have got the idea ab the vegetation this Land has got, she had to get rid of 4 Leeches which made there way to her knees, further climbing we found Blueberries on our ways wow a fresh berry-Mind Blowing, we had few and started climbing further,

Yeah on the way we saw Guava trees, ummm there were as sweet as sugar, They are completely Forest Plants no one grew them that's the reason they were tasting so good, we moved forward and to our left we saw a water stream, the fresh, medicated water, nothing can make you so good as water can make tat too a water in the jungle,
we quenched our thirst and ascended, the vegetation was so high, tat the mountain was green rather than golden, which we see in all the mountain of western ghats, the grass turns to golden color in summer, now our path was totally covered with Fog,
we never felt exhausted although the mountain was steep, finally after trekking for 3 hours we made to the peak by 1:00 PM, the peak was pretty chilled fully covered with Fog,

we had our time for relaxation now, and it was time for our lunch as well,

we finished with it and started our descend by 2:30PM, since it was steep so we slipped quite lot of times, but no one had any sign of injuries,

we stopped again near the water source and quenched, our thirst and relaxed a bit, and started our descend, but on the way our guide stopped us for a rock climbing session, ooooooo tats new for me, it was a 15Ft single rock, and almost inclined, but few of us made it, and after our rock climbing session,

we started our descend and reached our BC by 5:00PM, we located a shop nearby and had few sips of ariated drinks which is not healthy though but we had no choice, only tat drink wld make us feel better, we got into our TT and started to travel towards our Camping place which was 70KM from the base camp, its the place near Dubare(Elephant Camp), but it was untouched by humans, we reached by around 8PM, and what we experienced was pretty much adventures, a Lonely House, Back waters, and thick Dark Jungle,

our high tea was ready, A energetic Herbal Hot Drink(Shunti Kashaya) and Hot Mirchi Bajjis, ummmmm man Amazing, we had them and The guides were cautioning us to be very carefull as there are lots of wild animals around this place, and he told us the Last week Experience of his where he found two tigers Roaring near the back waters, and how scary it was, we had our camp fires on, there the guide started scaring us more telling ab the behaviors of wild animals, Tigers, Elephants, Bear were part of teh story, oh look around-we saw fireflies all over the place wow amazing, this was a fantasy for many of us, after these wild stories ;-), time for our dinner, ahhhhhh this is y i love my ppl who help me organizing things in Jungle, the food in the jungle---ummmm so yummy, they prepared chapattis, curries, Veg Biriyani, Kheer, wow  thanks to you ppl who took so much pain in pleasuring us ;-), god we were dam hungry and ate like a beggar, ppl were sleepy already so there was a separate room for the lady's, and we gents had to sleep in the veranda's, the tents were arranged in both the places, few ppl dozed off, and me along with team of 6 ppl  usual started chatting as we don like to sleep in such outings, since we want to experience the inch of everything, topics went on changing from love marriage to arranged, life in metros, animals etc........, finally by around 2PM we went for sleep, around 6AM we all woke up as our bird watching sessions were planned by 7:00AM, we finished our routines and sipped our tea walking on the dam, wow my mornings were never so much amazing, we went for bird watch, luckily we saw few birds which we never saw in our lives, after that we had BF ready and yes it was Upma with curd, we finished it and geared to feel the beautiful Kaveri back Waters with our Kayak's and Dinghy's,
we stepped in respective Boats and started travelling towards the Dive Points which was nearly 10 Mins from the main Land,

we parked our Dinghy's and Kayak's, oh gosh what we found on this land was Foot Prints of wild Tuskar Elephants, which were pretty much fresh,

scary but our guide told that they are 15 days old and there is no threat as such, each one of us started getting into water with out life jackets on, chilled- fresh, wow i feel blessed,

but the Sharavati water was much Amazing compared to this, we can see bamboo forest all around the back waters, which is a sign of elephants existence, we had great time in waters, we spent almost 3 Hours relaxing in water which included swimming as well, there was a branch of tree dried one in bet the waters, each one of us took a dive from it and believe me it was tough as teh branch was so much slippery and weak but we made it :D,

all had fun with Kayak's and got back to the mainland, we relaxed a Bit, it was already 1:00PM, so we dried ourselves and our lunch was ready as well, oh myyyyyyy here we had another amazing treat, Pulao, curd rice, papads, pickles, sambar Rice, yummy isnt it, we quicklyu jumped on it and quenched our hunger, so time to leave this beautiful place, we got into our TT and headed towards Kushal Nagar to drop our Guides, they were so much helpful, we bid them goodbye and moved towards Golden temple/Bailukuppe(A Tibetan Temple), we spent some time in their and left to Bangalore, we reached Bangalore by 10:00PM and time for all of us to depart, and we all departed rejoicing our two days of adventure, which has given us a life time Journey of Adventure Continues.......................................:):):)

for more info, write to me

Yours Truly


Kumara parvata-----Earth's heaven....

Kumara Parvatha is a mountain located in Subramanya (village) of Sullia taluka, Karnataka. The village is known for the Hindu Kukke Subramanya Temple. In spite of being a small village, it is a well-known shrine, and draws large number of devotees throughout the year. The peak is at a height of about 1712m, and is about 13 km from the temple. This mountain is on the border between Dakshina Kannada and Kodagu districts, so the lights of Somwarpet town in Kodagu can be seen from the peak.

Difficulty level : Moderate/High
Two trails
1). From Beedahalli Post near somwarpet
Total KM to peak-7KM
Peak-Bhattar mane-5KM
Bhattar Mane-Kukke-8KM

2). From Kukke
Total KM to Peak-13KM
Peak Back to Bhattar Mane-5KM
Bhattara Mane-kukke-8KM

Best Time : SEP-JAN/FEB( don not Attempt this trek in Extream Conditions)

Note : Hire a local Guide if your trekking This Beauty for the first time  and trek with forest permissions.

Planning :

Our planning begin with net blogs n wikis which helped us to give some idea of wat this trek is all abt......most of us dint have any idea of wat actually we are tryin to trek, one of the tallest south peak and that too in the month of july(rain was at its peak), we hired a qualis for 7 of us from bangalore and reached somwarpet early 5am in the morning(there r 2ways, one from kukke(13km to peak) n one more frm somwarpet(7km to peak), we chose somwarpet as we wanted to explore both ends and i had a powerfull 2 hr nap as i was totally awake accompaning driver whole night, than we refreashed ourselves, had BF and packed some dry eatable stuffs so tat we can wipe our hunger on the way as u wont find anything to eat/water while trekking KP, we left in our vehicle till beedahalli post(which took approx 30min from somwarpet) and than we headed towards the checkpost, but unfortunately no one was avail in the CP, and we had to waste our time waiting for them, 45 mins passed, it was already 10:45AM and it was hard for us to wait there anymore, so we decided to trek without any intimation(which was very risky as no one knew the way to peak n back to Bhattara mane n if we were lost no one wld come to save us), but still took a risk n started our trek in the dense forest, we were not prepared for anything, so had to face the leech bites, thousands of leech on our way , totally drenched forest, all were tired of cleaning leeches on our shoes, and we need to literally run to escape from leech bites as if we walk or stand 100s of leeches wld attack on our shoes, no rest for 3.5KM, we were literally running to avoid leeches, than we found one rock where we found some sun n leech free......we had some dry foods n water n took a rest for 10min, we saw clock, it was 12:30 n heart started to beat faster as we have to trek 3.5km more to the peak n 5 more KM to Bhattara mane down with this leech challenge ahead, so we left n than was the greatest challange, we almost took a back wen we saw tat we have to climb one 45deg rock which was almost 10-20m, n tat too with water flowin on it, somehow we managed climbing it, aha here was another 45deg rock bigger than the 1st one, we challenged it as well, there was one more to go.......we completed all 3, than we took some rest, we never got much exhusted as there was clouds touchin us, we were all feeling heaven with all clouds covering us, its where we found another group of 6ppl and believe me guys we had our lives back as there was no indication anywhere hw to reach bhattara mane, we went to peak, and rejoiced the moment and left with other pals to bhattara mane, and shocked to see the big rock way back with full water flowin on it, one wrong step n literally we wld reach real heaven :D:D, this was the baap of all rocks, finally we crossed it.......than was the most amazin scene, to teh right a jungle n to the left a deep way to patala(netherworld).....there was no leech for another 1.5km, than for 2km we got ample amount of leech....after crossing the leech county, we took some rest n departed, there started our massive fog journey, we are not able to see the person 4m away frm us, and there was our worse time cumin as the guys who knew the route very well n were very fast disappeared ...n we were all lost in tat fog were we couldnt even locate which side of hill we are n hw to get down, but we jus followed one route, n now wat we were thinkin of entire trek was rain, it was rains time, aha aha wat intensity she had, totally pushing us with her heavy strokes n making our ways much diff......but we managed to follow one route challengin rain, we are steppin down n down but not able to find anything n we all were praying to god to save us, yes literally all of us, as the sun was ready to set anytime, no tents, no safe gaurds, no food.....we thought all were nearing our lives end, but gods grace we found two big chairs/view point at the farest end, than our life strated to breath again, but still not sure if we had reached bhattara mane, but felt gud tat some human art is around....n finally we found bhattara mane, all cloths were wet as our water proof bags couldnt withstand tat heavy rain, we all wer in jus shorts in tat freexzin temp....oh god but atleast relieved tat we found shelter :D:D, food was tasting too awesome as all wer dam hungry, had food n to surprise only a taadpal below us n no bed sheets as well, but all slept well, next morn we had BF in Bhattara mane n left to our way to subbramanya.....again found leeches but not as massive as tat beedahalli jungle, finally reached subramanya n took n deep breath n everyone was havin a satisfavtion tat we had the greatest trek of lifetime.....believe me guys it was really the best, teh nature, the wind, the rain, the mist/fog, clouds, eye catchin scene, wow one shld trek KP to really see wat have we still left with n believe we have the best nature all around....again planning to trek the beauty in oct.....

The Sharavathi-Trek to Dabbe Falls followed by Island Camping & Water Activities

Hello All, Below i am describing about one more beauty in Sharavti- The Dabbe falls.

Dabbe Falls:

Trek Difficulty-Medium(very steep for about a KM)
Trek KM-10

Things Must Have while trekking Dabbe : Good pair of trekking shoes, Rope, Water bottles and a guide.

After My Visit to Sharavati Forest in recent times with 13 ppl where i was the organizer, Trekking to Kanoor Kote, Veegi/Hosgithi Falls & Jainbasthi, i couldn't accept the fact that i have not made it to One of the beautiful water Falls in Sharavati-The Dabbe Falls, so on the way back to Bangalore i had fixed my next trek to organize, and one more thing which attracted ab Sharavati was The Water, the most Pleasant, Cool, purest form of water i have ever experienced, so things got fixed in my mind ab my next adventure-to Trek Dabbe followed by Water Activities next day :-D.

As Now I knew the local Ppl somewhat well, i started checking about the possibilities of the two day Activity in Sharavati, after thinking alot zeroed on Dabbe Trek for 1 day, Camping in the island, followed by water activities like Swimming, Kayaking Canoeing on the next day.

I(Organizer) along with 18 Other Ppl Started in a Mini Bus @10:00PM from Majestic on a Friday Night, I never knew playing antakshari was so much funny so few ppl turned the whole scene around, and made us to laugh like hell, we reached around 6:45AM at Kargal on sat Morning, we had some tea and waited for a local Guy to Show us the BC, we finally reached the BC, this time BC was different  it was a Temple inside the forest, everyone started to fresh themselves up and me along with few bunch started exploring the surroundings, there we found a Water Stream, good view of a stream with cool morning essence, there waited our Morning BF, Idli, Wada & Sambar followed by Tea-Hmmm Yummy......we left to the trek Starting Point in our Bus which was 20 KM Away, there we go some wildlife, we saw 6-7 Cheetal Group Passing our way, and few had a change to Sight the Rearly Found Macaque-The Lion tailed Monkey, We reached the Trek Starting point @ 10:30AM, we started to Trek to Dabbe-with our Backpacks along with 3 Guides who even carried groceries for our afternoon lunch on their heads , we never felt we are trekking in Summer coz the trail was mostly Covered with Dense Forest, walking through several Streams, remember we all are very much unknown to each other, it was totally a strange group united for this memorable adventure, we started knowing each other and found that we are alike when it comes to adventure, now was the challenge, we came across a steep which was 45% all over for a KM,

we are set aback that we need to really follow this trial, as someone rightly said-the difficult way always leads to heaven-Its O course Said by me, there was a couple who aged above 50, i couldn't really believe they actually trekked it, awesome energy shown by them, u have to be very careful as this terrain has lots of rock which are nor strongly grounded, if we step on them the person on the incline next to u will get badly hurt, we stepped on several rocks but luckily no one got hurt, and after descending to a ample amount of distance, we were shocked to see the trail got more worse as some 20 Mts we need to Descend by holding rope ,

but believe me ahhhhhhh what an adventure experience that was, than we saw the Beauty making sounds, n mesmerized to see a Fall falling frm a height of 150-200 Mts, wow in the peak summer we were actually witnessing the Waterfall which had Ample amount of water to pleasure our Eyes,

Everyone wanted to get down in Water after this difficult Trail, so no one wasted time to make their sweat worth, we all had great time in the purest form of water, singing, shouting, cheerful moments for all of us, we spent around 2Hours in water and it was 2:30PM, we started Ascending back-guessing how diff wld be to climb on the same terrain, but it was not so much difficult, The Food was all prepared and we wasted no time to grab that delicious food, it was Rice with Drumstick Sambar with Pickle and papad, we took some rest and than started our 4KM trek back to the Bus, we boarded and started to Travel towards the island where we need to Camp that night, we reached one of the tribal house and where we had The best Kashaya(kannada word-a herbal hot drink) and followed by Mirchi Bajji, hmmmmmm mouth watering those were, it was already dark and we need to cross the river in that pitch dark evening,
the island-HALKE was located far around 1KM from the mainland, we took a coracle and reached the island by around 8:00PM, wow what a lifetime experience, being in water when its dark, n riding a was a pitch dark island where we can see only the campfires, no other forms of lights ever existed,


we all rejoiced the amount of adventure we had on day 1, followed by some great mature talks ab our passions by Chitra(Remember the old Couple), we had several Debates, cool breeze as we were very much nearer to the water, few ppl slept as they were too tired, than the food was all on the way, everyone woke up to see whats on the platter, hmmmm all eyes were wide open smelling that delicious food in the jungle, it was Bisibelebath, Curd rice, Chappati with Cabbage Curry and Sweet(paisa-made up of rice), we all had tummy full Dinner and than everyone headed towards the tents where our Nature Sleep was planned, everyone slept but me along with 3 friends went near to the river and started exchanging our experiences as u know these day are jus for once and they will never come back so we thought of skipping our sleep for few hours although we had worst sleep on the other day we traveled  cool wind, the sight of a moon, and pitch black island with everyone slept, made the night more calm and clean, after spending few hours we slept in our respective tents as well, the sun arises next morning, we woke up by 6:30AM, coming out of our respective tents, we felt so lovely feeling the chilled air, with Sun jus showing his effects, a beautiful Sunrise on the island was treat to watch,


although max ppl were still in tents napping,

myself along with few friends went to explore the island forest, walking inside the forest on the Halke island felt so gud due to the cool Breeze, it was no natural, no human traces at all, we took a two KM walk and returned back feeling nature,


we freshened up ourselves, backpacked things, our BF was ready-it was Ragi and Rice Dosa with yummy tasting Sambar & Chatni, we finished our BF, now time to take a dive in the river we were appreciating all night and day, initially non-swimmers very bit scared, but with the life jackets on,
everyone was pretty confident that they wld never sink whatsoever  trainer instructed few precautions and they we all were into the cool, pure water, ahhh it felt so good, but actually we had to swim all over a KM to reach the mainland,

believe me we never got exhausted swimming so long, we climbed the dry trees in the middle of river and took dives, words fall short to express such feelings, amazing it was, after 4 hours we reached the mainland swimming all the way, but no one was ready to leave water even after so many hours, than we took our respective kayaks and Coracles and started our rides,

wonderful is what i can say, after this fun-filled water activities, we were dam hungry, and by 2:00PM our lunch was ready, again a great lunch which included, pullao, curd rice, papad & picle,

we relaxed for about 1 hour and started walking back to the tribal house where we have parked our vehicle, we reached and tea was waiting for us, finally we departed to Bangalore  Being in Sharavati again was amazing experience, its again an unforgettable lifetime experience for me.........................

Write me on if any details needed.

Your's Truly,



Hello All,

I am here with one more blog after heavenly experience in Kumara parvata, compared to KP, this was an easy one, nature lovers will not like it much as its been commercialized n u can see jeeps reachin almost peaks and the mud roads where jeeps commute will make ur way more horrible covered with whole of dust, but the peak is all dust free n non commercialized so that made us feel it was worth trekking for almost 17KMs.

Kodachadri is a mountain peak with dense forests (altitude - 1343 metres above sea level)[2] in the Western Ghats in South India (Shimoga Dist., Karnataka State). It is declared as natural heritage site by Government Karnataka.[3]

Trek Start Point : Nittur
Trek KM : 17 Kms(one way) to the shankaracharya peetha.
Trek date : Dec 15 2012

we started @11:00PM from bangalore in a Xylo, believe me guys the best spacious car where all 7 of us sat very comfortably, just 10 odd KM reaching sampekatte u ll find one bridge and the scene is just amazing, it is one treat to your camera.

After early morning treat of this beauty, we headed towards sampekatte where we thought of freshening up, so friends here is the thing which has to be taken care of!! their is one HOMESTAY called PARVATH HOME STAY, please stay away frm this as first lady told us 50 Rs/Person for fresh up and than insisted us to take BF n carry lunch since we will not get any food in btw, so we ordered avalakki vagarne for BF and lemon Rice for Lunch, we never minded to ask teh rates of BF and lunch, so it landed up quite expensive, they charged 1100.00 Rs for BF and lemon rice for 7 of us, so friends since this has become so commercial ppl around will try to loot u as much as poss, so settle out all in the beginning oly. by 9:00AM we left to Nittur which was our starting point of our Trek, we booked a guide well before leavin bangalore, so we hired a jeep to n fro which costed us 1400 Rs + 600 Guide fee, jeep will take our laguage to the top while ascend  n we all will descend in the jeep after sunrise, that s wat we have planned for!! so we started our trek by 10:30AM and reached Hidlumane falls by 12:00PM, this is one more attraction on the trek way, we took bath here and spent quality 1 hr time.

by 1:15PM we started to ascend again, but root was bit challenging from here, it gets steeper now n we reached a shooting point around 2:30PM, and thought of breakin for lunch, did so.,....and remember guys this the only water source after falls, we had costly lemon rice and ascended towards peak, you will get the view of the golden mountain which is eye catching and some good scenes as well, so keep your camera focused all time.

we reached moola mookambika temple by 4:00PM, where we thought tat we had booked PWD GH, but unfortunately our guide was not successful in booking the same and he gave us a shock that rooms were full when we reached, anyways we started heading towards Shankaracharya peetha which is the peak of kodachadri, the sunset is must watch frm this peak.

After mesmarising senset, we descended towards the pwd GH, where unfortunately we din get rooms and thought of heading towards kollur, guys everything is commercialized here even the Bhattar mane at the top who behaves mad, so please be very cautious, we have to pay in advance to this Bhatta(who basically is a mallu guy) and than @ 7:30PM we asked for Dinner, he was acting as if he is showing some mercy feeding us by asking us to wait till he calls n all, so we left the money and food back their and descended down in jeep @8:00PM and reached by 9PM and had food in Nittur, the guide was also one of those money eater, we have to pay him full even though he din get rooms for us @ top and it was totally a costly affair for us.......but a must trek atleast once with prior precautions......please add me in FB, if you are interested for treks.


Here i Go with One more Amazing trekking experience in dense Sharavati Forest Exploring Veegi Falls, Hosagithi Falls, Kaanur Kote, Jain Basadi for 2 days, heavenly 2 days far away from all the human existence and spoiled Environment, Nature JUS Nature.

Trek Date : 23/02/2012
Route : Bangalore-Sagar-Jog Falls-Kargal-Base camp(near kaanoor).
Trek Route (Day 1) - Base Camp-Hosagathifalls(2Km)-back to base Camp(2KM)
                               - Base Camp-Veegi Falls(4KM)
                               -Veegi Falls - Tribal House Night Stay(5KM)
                   (Day 2) - Tribal House- Kaanoor Kote(7KM)
                                - Kaanoor Kote-Shiva temple(1KM)
                                -Kaanoor Kote- JainBasadi(13KM)

Before Going forward let me brief about Kaanoor Kote as well Jainbasadi(ancient Monuments) :

Place   : Kaanoor Kote(Kaanoor Fort)
Ruler  : Queen Channabairadevi( Also Known as Pepper Queen, Name Given by Portuguese as she used to export pepper to them)
Era     : 14th Century ( from 1560-1606AD)
Place : Jainbasadi(Chaturmukha Basadi)-A Mahaveer Buddha temple.

Built with Chaturasa Plan in Vijayanagara Style
Construction Material : Grey Granite Stone

So now i am going to narrate my beautiful trek Journey.

I did hire Few Local PPL who would take care of our food/stay/trail.

I(Organizer of the entire Trek) along with 12ppl(i knew only 1 guy, all others were new to me) started from bangalore around 10PM from majestic in a TT on beautiful Friday Evening, we reached around 6:30AM next morning at Kargal where we were suppose to pick up Travis (An American Guy-He was suppose to join us in this beautiful journey) we waited till & 7:15AM as he was coming by KSRTC bus from Bangalore  he din arrive & it was already late for us so we thought of refreshing ourselves till he arrives, we moved to Mupanne Nature Camp which is around 10 KM away from Kargal, there we saw a beautiful Back water River covered with Fog, we felt mesmerized looking at this scenic beauty, as we were getting late so hurried up and Traviz also joined us, we had some tea, which was made specially for us in the camp and started          heading towards our base camp which was around 30 KM away, we finally reached the BC around 10:20AM, where our Breakfast was Waiting for us, Yes it was Freshly made Idly & wada with Sambar(in a tribal House), we had our BF and soon we backpacked and started ur trek, the sun was hot but only till we entered the dense Jungle, we started our trek Towards Hosagithi Falls, which was 2KM away from BC, we passed through Lots of Woods and Valleys, the Valleys had Minimal Water and More Rocks, few Ppl slipped here and there as the Rocks were Slippery, Finally we saw a thin Water Fall at a distance(as it was FEB), we thought we cannot even have fun in the falls, as we went near to the Falls, we were happy to see the water Force, it was falling from a height of 40Mts, few ppl jumped including myself(I am a big Fan of water :D) into the Falls, teh force was to much to handle, after that we headed towards our base camp, where our lunch was waiting for us, Rice & Drumstick Sambar with pickle & papad(Hmm Yummy), we finished our lunch and headed towards Veegi Falls(4 Km Away), it was not easy as we found a steep land for about 200Mts, but after reaching Falls i was stunned looking at its beauty, it was a short fall but very beautiful, The water was very steep around 60ft, only 4 ppl got down in water who could swim, i was d one o course  ahhhhhh chilled n the purest form of water i ever felt, reaching the falls from this end was challenging as the current was high and it was the unknown land of water to any of us, finally 3 could make till the Fall point, after this enriching journey we headed towards the tribal house where our night stay was planned(5KM Away), there were 3 ppl apart from us who took care of routes/food/stay, we witnessed awesome Sunset in the jungle, than we reached tribal house, we were relaxing and than comes the yummy, Kashaya(powered mixture of pepper, ginger, coriander seeds, jaggery, tulsi added to milk and heated-FAV Karnataka hot drink) and Mirchi Bajji, aahhhhhh felt so great, it was so yummy even we wld have not got in the cities, they prepared it in jungle, we had some campfire, and played Dumbsharades which was fun-filled  than for dinner we had Bisibelebath(Dalbath), Chapatti with Cabagge Curry & Curd-Rice on our platters, yes Guys we were still in middle of Jungle in one tribal House, believe it we had these exotic food :D:D, and the food was really yummy, we slept after such a wonderfull day, dreaming ab the next excited day, we woke by 5AM, freshen up, had tea and Pullao for the breakfast and stared our 2nd day trek towards Kaanoor Kote @7AM which is 7KM away, Scenic Jungle welcomed us, wow cool breeze  moderate sun shine and whispering birds and animals, luckily we witnessed only a Bison  which was Huge :D, it ran away after seeing more ppl, we reached Kaanoor Kote around 9PM, we explored a historical place which only few ppl had  The Kaanoor Kote, 
we came across couple of caves which were dark, 
we witnessed a Shiva temple 1Km away from Kote, than we started our descend towards Jainbasadi which was @ very challenging distance of around 13KM, Few ppl pace slowed down as sun started showing his efects, finally we reached our Lunch halt, which was a Valley, not deep, Our 3 guys(Sathish, Yograj, & Shashi) started preparing Rice & Brinjal onion sambar with papad, and PPl after exhaustive trek of 8 Kms, started playing in water, and they never moved out of water, they even had their lunch sitting in water ha ha, we had 5 More KM ahead after lunch but it was never easy as it was too hot, few ppl got hurt meanwhile, and great team we had, they all supported each very well to carry themselves as well others, finally we reached Jainbasadi around 4PM, there was one jain temple, and the beauty was on the other side, a beautiful built monument in Vijayanagara Style with Chaturasa Plan,  close to the temple i saw few snakes as well, which gave me more satisfaction, so finally we completed our trek witnessing all these amazing beauties which had any impact by human, i am happy to say that i n my team are one amongst  few ppl who have witnessed these ancient monuments with few water falls surrounded in nature, on our way back we stopped near Gerusoppa Dam which added more essence to our beautiful journey, ahhh i forgot to tell about our Dinner for the evening  there was a annual fest in Jaintemple, we had awesome dinner there although it was jus 5:30PM, we never expected tat we will have such good food for 2 days while leaving Bangalore, but the guys whom i have hired proved me wrong, A Big thanks to the  LOCAL GUYS who have made our trek most memorable, i owe them a lot, planning for few more treks in the same Forest with Diff ppl but altogether diff trails and diff places. I LOVE & RESPECT NATURE AROUND ME..........

Contact me if you need any info ab this trek..........

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