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Here i Go with One more Amazing trekking experience in dense Sharavati Forest Exploring Veegi Falls, Hosagithi Falls, Kaanur Kote, Jain Basadi for 2 days, heavenly 2 days far away from all the human existence and spoiled Environment, Nature JUS Nature.

Trek Date : 23/02/2012
Route : Bangalore-Sagar-Jog Falls-Kargal-Base camp(near kaanoor).
Trek Route (Day 1) - Base Camp-Hosagathifalls(2Km)-back to base Camp(2KM)
                               - Base Camp-Veegi Falls(4KM)
                               -Veegi Falls - Tribal House Night Stay(5KM)
                   (Day 2) - Tribal House- Kaanoor Kote(7KM)
                                - Kaanoor Kote-Shiva temple(1KM)
                                -Kaanoor Kote- JainBasadi(13KM)

Before Going forward let me brief about Kaanoor Kote as well Jainbasadi(ancient Monuments) :

Place   : Kaanoor Kote(Kaanoor Fort)
Ruler  : Queen Channabairadevi( Also Known as Pepper Queen, Name Given by Portuguese as she used to export pepper to them)
Era     : 14th Century ( from 1560-1606AD)
Place : Jainbasadi(Chaturmukha Basadi)-A Mahaveer Buddha temple.

Built with Chaturasa Plan in Vijayanagara Style
Construction Material : Grey Granite Stone

So now i am going to narrate my beautiful trek Journey.

I did hire Few Local PPL who would take care of our food/stay/trail.

I(Organizer of the entire Trek) along with 12ppl(i knew only 1 guy, all others were new to me) started from bangalore around 10PM from majestic in a TT on beautiful Friday Evening, we reached around 6:30AM next morning at Kargal where we were suppose to pick up Travis (An American Guy-He was suppose to join us in this beautiful journey) we waited till & 7:15AM as he was coming by KSRTC bus from Bangalore  he din arrive & it was already late for us so we thought of refreshing ourselves till he arrives, we moved to Mupanne Nature Camp which is around 10 KM away from Kargal, there we saw a beautiful Back water River covered with Fog, we felt mesmerized looking at this scenic beauty, as we were getting late so hurried up and Traviz also joined us, we had some tea, which was made specially for us in the camp and started          heading towards our base camp which was around 30 KM away, we finally reached the BC around 10:20AM, where our Breakfast was Waiting for us, Yes it was Freshly made Idly & wada with Sambar(in a tribal House), we had our BF and soon we backpacked and started ur trek, the sun was hot but only till we entered the dense Jungle, we started our trek Towards Hosagithi Falls, which was 2KM away from BC, we passed through Lots of Woods and Valleys, the Valleys had Minimal Water and More Rocks, few Ppl slipped here and there as the Rocks were Slippery, Finally we saw a thin Water Fall at a distance(as it was FEB), we thought we cannot even have fun in the falls, as we went near to the Falls, we were happy to see the water Force, it was falling from a height of 40Mts, few ppl jumped including myself(I am a big Fan of water :D) into the Falls, teh force was to much to handle, after that we headed towards our base camp, where our lunch was waiting for us, Rice & Drumstick Sambar with pickle & papad(Hmm Yummy), we finished our lunch and headed towards Veegi Falls(4 Km Away), it was not easy as we found a steep land for about 200Mts, but after reaching Falls i was stunned looking at its beauty, it was a short fall but very beautiful, The water was very steep around 60ft, only 4 ppl got down in water who could swim, i was d one o course  ahhhhhh chilled n the purest form of water i ever felt, reaching the falls from this end was challenging as the current was high and it was the unknown land of water to any of us, finally 3 could make till the Fall point, after this enriching journey we headed towards the tribal house where our night stay was planned(5KM Away), there were 3 ppl apart from us who took care of routes/food/stay, we witnessed awesome Sunset in the jungle, than we reached tribal house, we were relaxing and than comes the yummy, Kashaya(powered mixture of pepper, ginger, coriander seeds, jaggery, tulsi added to milk and heated-FAV Karnataka hot drink) and Mirchi Bajji, aahhhhhh felt so great, it was so yummy even we wld have not got in the cities, they prepared it in jungle, we had some campfire, and played Dumbsharades which was fun-filled  than for dinner we had Bisibelebath(Dalbath), Chapatti with Cabagge Curry & Curd-Rice on our platters, yes Guys we were still in middle of Jungle in one tribal House, believe it we had these exotic food :D:D, and the food was really yummy, we slept after such a wonderfull day, dreaming ab the next excited day, we woke by 5AM, freshen up, had tea and Pullao for the breakfast and stared our 2nd day trek towards Kaanoor Kote @7AM which is 7KM away, Scenic Jungle welcomed us, wow cool breeze  moderate sun shine and whispering birds and animals, luckily we witnessed only a Bison  which was Huge :D, it ran away after seeing more ppl, we reached Kaanoor Kote around 9PM, we explored a historical place which only few ppl had  The Kaanoor Kote, 
we came across couple of caves which were dark, 
we witnessed a Shiva temple 1Km away from Kote, than we started our descend towards Jainbasadi which was @ very challenging distance of around 13KM, Few ppl pace slowed down as sun started showing his efects, finally we reached our Lunch halt, which was a Valley, not deep, Our 3 guys(Sathish, Yograj, & Shashi) started preparing Rice & Brinjal onion sambar with papad, and PPl after exhaustive trek of 8 Kms, started playing in water, and they never moved out of water, they even had their lunch sitting in water ha ha, we had 5 More KM ahead after lunch but it was never easy as it was too hot, few ppl got hurt meanwhile, and great team we had, they all supported each very well to carry themselves as well others, finally we reached Jainbasadi around 4PM, there was one jain temple, and the beauty was on the other side, a beautiful built monument in Vijayanagara Style with Chaturasa Plan,  close to the temple i saw few snakes as well, which gave me more satisfaction, so finally we completed our trek witnessing all these amazing beauties which had any impact by human, i am happy to say that i n my team are one amongst  few ppl who have witnessed these ancient monuments with few water falls surrounded in nature, on our way back we stopped near Gerusoppa Dam which added more essence to our beautiful journey, ahhh i forgot to tell about our Dinner for the evening  there was a annual fest in Jaintemple, we had awesome dinner there although it was jus 5:30PM, we never expected tat we will have such good food for 2 days while leaving Bangalore, but the guys whom i have hired proved me wrong, A Big thanks to the  LOCAL GUYS who have made our trek most memorable, i owe them a lot, planning for few more treks in the same Forest with Diff ppl but altogether diff trails and diff places. I LOVE & RESPECT NATURE AROUND ME..........

Contact me if you need any info ab this trek..........

your's truely


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