Thursday, 12 December 2013

Chembra Peak-Wayanad Kerala

Facts Ab trek.

Trek Distance : 8KM(Ascend & Descend)
Level : Easy/Steepy.
Route from Bangalore: Bangalore-Mysore-Gundalpet-Sultan Bathery-Kalpetta-Meppadi-Fahima Estates-Check Post.

Things to Carry : 2 litres water Bottle, packed lunch.

10 of us started from Bangalore on the Christmas day in a Qualis(7ppl) and an additional vehicle(3ppl) from Bangalore by around 3AM, reached around 10 AM at the trek start point which is a forest office where you will be permitted to trek Chembra, they normally charge around 500 rs for a group of 10 ppl, and 50 rs/camera, and they will a lot a guide as well to make sure that we follow right trail, and get educated ab the place as well, from forest check post, trek start point is about 7KM, but unfortunately our Qualis wheel got flatted and we were forced to take an auto who charged 200 Bucks which was worth as the way was pretty much inclined, we reached the watch tower around 11 AM, and started our trek, we need to climb 7 hills to reach the peak, it was a very hot day, sun was at its peak, majority of us struggled to climb the starting hill as sun was sweating us completely and it was pretty much inclined as well say 45deg, ahhhh there we found some water coming through the rocks, believe me i never had such pure form of water, it gave us lots of energy and made our further ascend quite comfortable, out of 10, only 4 of us were ascending with good speed, we reached the second hill, oh what's this a heart shaped pond on top of hill, unbelievable isn't it?,
we rested there for some time, but remember do not drink the water in the pond as its pretty much polluted.....than we 4 started ascending further with our guide, sun had no mercy on us yet which made our climb more difficult, the mountain got steeper n steeper,
finally we got some cool breeze on top of 4th mountain, after climbing 5th mountain, one couple were descending, we asked them how is the peak jus out of curiosity, they said they couldn't accomplish all 7 as the gal found breathing problems due to lack of oxygen supply, we were very happy since we thought that the atmosphere on top will be covered by Mist n cool breeze, so we started ascending further and finally after long 2 hours, we reached the peak, but sun Showed no mercy on us, it was emitting more radiations @ peak ,
we had some good views of the twin mountains adjacent to the chembra peak,
and the good thing was we trekked 2100 Ft height, which was my highest peak trek as on date, but not the toughest one, we were happy to see that only 4 could make on the top out of 10 ppl, and from top the heart shaped pond looked more beautiful, as it was getting hotter n hotter, we finished with our brunch & quickly and started our descend, since all mountains were steeper and it was covered with only dry mud, god kws that how many times we slipped, it took us 1 n 1/2 hour to descend, another experience of adventure in my book, Although it was a odd season to trek we had good time trekking this beauty, but still Kumara Parvata was the best one in my books of adventure........

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